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Core sponsors The Pride of Guernsey Awards 2023

Core sponsors The Pride of Guernsey Awards 2023

Core Fund Services (Guernsey) Limited is honoured to support the Teacher of the Year for The Pride of Guernsey Awards 2023.

At Core, we believe in building our business through planning for success in the long term, so we understand the importance of supporting the development of future generations in order to achieve this, whether they be within our own team, amongst our business partners or within the wider community of our beautiful island. Therefore, when the opportunity to sponsor the Teacher of the Year award was presented to Core, we simply had to take it given how deeply it resonates with our values.

In the business world, owners and managers have a great opportunity to mentor and develop their teams, both professionally and personally. At Core, we believe that it is our responsibility to grasp this opportunity for the benefit of our colleagues’ future careers and the positive impact that their careers will have on the success of Core’s business as well as Guernsey’s economy.

Therefore, it is imperative that we look to, and learn from, the great work of our island’s schools and their wonderful teachers in educating and developing our children and young people. Their knowledge, combined with the desire and determination to give their best all day, every day, to encourage and positively impact the lives and the opportunities available to our future generations year after year, should be humbling and inspiring to us all.

Martin Scott, CEO & Founder, Core Fund Services (Guernsey) Limited

Pride of Guernsey Awards

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5 June 2023

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